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The challenges and chances of interdisciplinary collaborations on climate/environmental change

Social scientists and humanities scholars increasingly become involved in interdisciplinary projects about climate and environmental change. How does close cooperation with scientists from other disciplines and non-academic research partners work? Sophie Elixhauser, member of the Transformative Research working group, reports on four projects and the associated challenges of time, patience, flexibility and creativity.

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About our forests

In an interview for Kontrapunkte., Mark Schmid, who studied forestry, talks about his interest in forests and the current state and the future of ours. (de)

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Transformative Research

The DigiLog platform was born out of the conviction that a changing world also requires changing approaches to knowledge exchange and scientific discussion. In an article for the blog Kontrapunkte., Prof. Barbara Schellhammer describes why transformative research is so important, especially in the crises of our time, and what it is. (de)

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